Run the game... don't let the game run you.

Your grades matter. Your goals matters. Your future matters. NextAthlete Academic Coaching wants to partner with you to support all three. Through our Point Game program we are committed to providing you with the help and incentives needed to make improving your grades, reaching your goals and building your future, not only fun, but possible, at no cost or obligation to you, your coach, or your family.

What you will get?

By joining the Point Game program NextAthlete Coaching commits to provide the following:

To qualify to join our Point Game program you must play at least 1 high school sport, and be subject to one of the following conditions:

Qualify for free or reduced lunch at your school

Single parent household with 1 or more siblings

Parent passed in line of duty

(Military, police, public service)

Displaced from your parents home

(Living with grandparents, relative, or ward of the court)

Successful athletes will receive the following rewards for their dedication and hard work:

Grade increase by 1/2 point

Next Athlete Team Pack: Hoodie, Tee, Mug

Grade increase by 1 point

$100 Gift Card of choice: Nike, Eastbay, Footlocker, Adidas, OVO, Puma, Champion

Grade increase by 2 points

NCSA VIP membership, or VIP membership

To be considered please complete our brief registration form and provide a link to your game film or highlight video to verify your sports participation. The first three athletes that apply and meet all requirements will be selected. All others that qualify will be placed on a waiting list and will advance in the order of their application date.