Are you or your student-athlete facing struggles in the classroom, cramming for a test or report, or not feeling fully prepared for an upcoming SAT or ACT exam? The NextAthlete Academic Coaching team is here to help. Our team of Academic Coaches are all high academic achieving, active college athletes, ranging from NCAA Div 1 to NAIA level play. Our mission is to provide high school and middle school athletes with the support needed to overcome their academic concerns and reach their academic goals. We are athletes… We help athletes achieve!

twenty five percent

25% of students don’t graduate on time due to academics… athletes included.

higher graduation rates

Studies in some states show athletes graduate at a rate at least 8% higher than nonathletes. Still some athletes need help to achieve the greatest possible academic outcomes.

Higher GPA

In some states the mean GPA for athletes was 2.86, while the mean GPA for nonathletes was only 1.96. However, some athletes need help achieving the highest possible GPA to maintain their recruiting eligibility and standing.

College Athletics

Every college athletic program has a tutorial program set up to ensure its athletes receive the support to maintain academic eligibility. For some athletes tutorial support is not an option… it’s a necessity.

How Does NextAthlete work?

We have a simple step by step process, including a cost free academic consultation.

Step 1. Register for your free Academic Consultation.

To complete the registration process and schedule your free Academic Consultation, simply complete our brief online registration process. Don’t worry there are no obligations, your athlete’s concerns are the primary focus.

Step 2. Complete your Academic Consultation.

Once you have completed the initial registration process, a member of our Academic Coach team will contact you at your scheduled time to discuss your athlete’s specific concerns.

Step 3. Academic Coach assignment

Once your Academic Consultation is complete, we will match your student-athlete with the Academic Coach best suited to provide support. Your assigned Academic Coach will correspond to introduce themselves and provide access to complete the scheduling process.

Step 4. Your first meeting.

To make learning extremely easy and secure, your athlete will meet with their Academic Coach virtually. Your athlete’s Academic Coach will focus on the specific concerns discussed during your Academic Consultation, as well as address any other concerns your athlete may mention in that class subject.

Step 5. You're on your way!

That’s it. NextAthlete Academic Coaching is simple, convenient and secure. Our goal is to help each athlete reach their full potential in the classroom, and in their sport. That’s the NextAthlete difference. We are athletes… We help athlete’s achieve.

academic coach rates

Flexible, reliable, knowledgeable support without breaking your budget.

Academic Assessment

Not sure where to start? Let’s meet to discuss and assess the specific concerns.


per hour

Individual 15 – 30 minute academic assessment and coaching consultation.

Monthly Coaching

For those in need of extensive support. We understand and we have a plan for you!


per hour

3 hour/3 day minimum
3 subject max.
Weekly commitment
Cancel anytime


Weekly Coaching

Perfect for those who need more consistent support. to get back on track..


per hour

2 hour/2 day minimum
2 subject max.
Weekly commitment
Cancel anytime

Single Session

Perfect for test prep, report planning, or if you just need support from time to time.


per hour

1 hour/1 day minimum
1 subject max.
No contract or commitment
Cancel anytime